Specialist center for engine and electronic preparations. Optimize the performance of your engine.


Our history

After many years of experience in competition teams, since the transition from 2-Stroke to 4-Stroke, I still remember the aroma of 2-Stroke, we have been able to develop the Engine Preparation Specialist Workshop project. Our preparation team offers a multitude of solutions to achieve more optimized, more powerful, faster engines.

We have achieved improvements thanks to continuous research and achieved extraordinary results in the motorcycles we have prepared.

Now we are expanding to other clients who wish to improve, turning their engines into authentic racing engines thanks to an entire competition structure placed at the disposal of any client without having to invest in specific infrastructure, personnel and research.

Our premise Investment + Development + innovation to satisfy the needs of all our clients by offering the best solutions.

Our clients: Competition teams, Amateurs, fans.

Ask us about the different preparation possibilities that your motorcycle may have to optimize its performance.

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